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I'm using Dom4j to parse HTML documents. Dom4j expects XML, so HTML entities are not declared. It's possible to declare them in document's DTD, but I am parsing external input, so that's not appropriate. I'd rather declare them programmatically in the parser.

Here's my code:

    // Read.
    final DocumentFactory df = DOMDocumentFactory.getInstance();
    SAXReader reader = new SAXReader();
    Document doc, outDoc;
    try {
        doc = reader.read( new StringReader(htmlStr) );
    catch( Exception ex ){
        throw new RuntimeException("Error parsing the HTML:\n       " + ex.toString() );

I see that SAXReader has reader.setEntityResolver( ??? ); but seems like it's not the solution as the overridable method looks like this:

public InputSource resolveEntity(String publicId, String systemId) throws SAXException, IOException

What I am looking for is something like

reader.setTrueEntityResolver( new EntityResolver(){
    public InputStream resolve( String name ){ ... }
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I've found a possible solution in http://evc-cit.info/dom4j/dom4j_groovy.html Where it's suggested to add a XML Commons Catalog stuff.

However, that seems like an overkill, as there's no doctype specified anyway, and I only intend to resolve the commons HTML 4 entities.

Update: Turned out that without explicit DOCTYPE declaration, this doesn't have any effect - EntityResolver is never called.

Maven dep:


Config in /CatalogManager.proeprties on classpath:

# allow location to be relative to this file's directory

# A semicolon-delimited list of catalog files.
# In this instance, we have a single catalog file, and it's a relative path name

# no debugging messages, please

# Use the SYSTEM identifier 

Tell the parser to use the catalog resolver when it encounters the DTD:

cResolver = new CatalogResolver( cMgr )
reader = new SAXReader( )
reader.setEntityResolver( cResolver )
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Well, as you said, DOM4J is not meant to parse HTML. I would rather use something like tagsoup or HTML Cleaner. It's just not entities, HTML is not XML.

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