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I created a code that stores some of my keywords to a cookie, but I was encountering an issue with accented characters like ä,Ä etc, special characters for other languages.

it is supported by my local machine because I can retrieve it using other methods except for the ones stored in cookies.

I also retrieve this cookie keywords by jquery but it seems that I am getting the incorrect decoded values.

any thoughts?

thank you. very much.

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how does the "incorrect" string you get back look? – Daniel Hallqvist Nov 3 '12 at 8:40

If your problem is similar to the problem mentioned in the pos below, then it looks like url encoding is applied to the values being stored in the cookie.

storing special characters in cookies using jquery plugin

You can 'reverse' this by decoding the value. This is discussed in the following post.

JavaScript URL Decode function

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