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I'm using appfog service for my grails app. I used af ruby utility from them for couple weeks and it worked fine. Today I've tried to update my project by command as usally:

af update my_project

But recived an error:

Error (JSON 404): Not Found

I don't know what i broke, but at another computer i do the same and it works.

How to fix it? And maybe you know what i broke?

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currently appfog is having some problem, it's reated to this –  igo Nov 4 '12 at 9:38

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It was happening with my Django app too, because my local copy was empty.

I could fix it downloading from github, a blank django project (should have for grails too) for appfog

So I could update that files and run the command again:

af update my_project

and it worked.

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Met the same issue.

It seems I was logged out. Had to log back in and worked justed fine.

af login
  > Email: ...
  > Password ...
af update my_poject

Bang! Worked!

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Our of topic, but unhappy that Appfog has removed custom domain name for free plans I therefore moved to Heroku. –  vinyll Aug 20 '13 at 8:54

This may help someone. I had forgotten that I changed the project name to something else, so make sure you are updating to a project that actually exists like so:

sudo af update project

Also make sure you are logged in:

sudo af login
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