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I am taking pictures from my portrait camera app and send to the server.Before sending i need to rotate image if necessary.So i'm saving the image in the sdcard and tried to get the Exif or Cursor.I went through most of the post related to this.But nothing works for me.Here is the code..

  1. ExifInterface

     File imageFile = new File(uri.toString());
    ExifInterface exif = new ExifInterface(imageFile.getAbsolutePath());
    int orientation = exif.getAttributeInt(ExifInterface.TAG_ORIENTATION,   ExifInterface.ORIENTATION_NORMAL);

    Here the orientation is always 0 for any image

  2. Cusor

    int orientation = 0;
    final String[] projection = new String[] { MediaStore.Images.Media.ORIENTATION };
    final Cursor cursor = getApplicationContext()
                    .getContentResolver().query(uri, projection, null,
                            null, null); 
    if (cursor != null) {
    final int orientationColumnIndex = cursor.getColumnIndex(MediaStore.Images.Media.ORIENTATION);
    if (cursor.moveToFirst()) {
       orientation = cursor.isNull(orientationColumnIndex) ? 0 : cursor.getInt(orientationColumnIndex);

    here also the image rotation is zero.How can i find the exact rotation of the image ? Any help will be greatly appreciated..

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Any luck on this? Having similar problems? –  ono Jun 17 '14 at 20:45

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