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I'm trying write a html file which just add's an event to google Calendar. I've referred to Google API examples which doesn't seem to work for me. This sample code will do the job. But I'm trying to implement the same in my file. As per the comments I've replace the client ID and API key with that of mine and I ran the same code in my computer, but sadly in the auth() method in Javascript the popup where it should prompt me to login and request for access should come, I see the following error :

Error: invalid_request Invalid parameter value for origin: Missing authority: file://

I don't seem to understand. It was the same code, only thing I changed was the client ID and API key. So to give you more information about my Client ID, I've used service accounts to call Google APIs on behalf of my application.

Could anyone help me understand the problem.

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You can not call the API with the files protocol. Install a local web server and run your sample code from (i.e.) localhost. –  Aron Woost Nov 4 '12 at 13:05
Hm yeah. I figured it out. Tried running code through local host and it worked. It needs the data to be sent in HTTP packets. –  Adi GuN Nov 5 '12 at 1:55

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