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Actually I found some examples in Java or C#, I need simple way of detecting postback event.

I want to send many request to web site sequentally and write all responses to listbox or something else.

Web site:

Username: 86800010865280016

Password: malkabul

sample request strings (KAREKOD: 3th text box on form!!!)






After logging on web site, I set request string by;

DirectCast(GetWebBroForm1.item("f_karekod"), mshtml.HTMLTextAreaElement).value = CurrentQR

and click submit button;

DirectCast(GetWebBroForm1.item("Getir", 0), mshtml.HTMLButtonElement).click()

everything is ok.

the problem now is that I have to detect postback event, parse postback information, and then need to send another request sequentally.

thanks a lot.

Private Function GetWebBroDoc1() As mshtml.HTMLDocument
    Return DirectCast(WebBro1.Document.DomDocument, mshtml.HTMLDocument)
End Function

Private Function GetWebBroForm1() As mshtml.HTMLFormElement
    If GetWebBroDoc1.forms.length > 0 Then
        Return DirectCast(GetWebBroDoc1.forms.item(0), mshtml.HTMLFormElement)
        Return Nothing
    End If
End Function       

Private Sub SendQR(ByVal CurrentQR)
    CurrentQR="0108697930090038212747294171305311002531" 'request string
    DirectCast(GetWebBroForm1.item("f_karekod"), mshtml.HTMLTextAreaElement).value = CurrentQR
End Sub
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Maybe this help you:

If IsPostBack Then
'Do something
'Do something else
End If
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