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Probably this is a limitation of PHP, but is it possible somehow, to call a function - and enforcing the 'default' value of an optional parameter - even if in the function call, the optional parameter is given (and == null)?

Maybe it's easier to show what I mean:

    function funcWithOptParam($param1, $param2 = 'optional') {
        print_r('param2: ' . $param2);

    funcWithOptParam('something'); // this is the behaviour I want to reproduce

    // this will result in 'param2: optional'

    funcWithOptParam('something', null); // i want $param2 to be 'optional', not null

    // this will result in 'param2: ' instead of 'param2: optional'

Now, the easiest answer to this is "dont write null then" - but in my special case, I get a parameter array for a function call, and only can do this:

    funcWithOptParam($param[0], $param[1]);

So even if $param[1] is null, the null will overwrite the default value of the optional parameter

I only see one solution to this - to skip the optional parameters, and do it like this:

    function funcWithOptParam($something, $notOptional) {
         if($notOptional === null) {
              $notOptional = 'defaultvalue';


But I would like to know if there's another solution to this. Is there a 'real' null value in PHP? That really translates into 'nothing'? Something like undefined in js?

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A Hacky solution would be to preg_match the source code to find the default value. Doubt it will work for arrays. – Prasanth Nov 3 '12 at 11:08
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Why not pass the whole array as the function argument? You simply call it this way:


And handle it like so:

function funcWithOptParams($params) {
     if(!isset($params[1])) {
          $params[1] = 'defaultvalue';


This approach gives you the possibility to pass only the arguments you want to specify and have default values in the ones you don't want to specify. As a bonus you don't have to worry about the order of the arguments.

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Great answer, I was looking for a more elegant way of calling a function with a lot of (partly optional) params. This way, I do not have to bother with calling the function with the same defaults in the right order as defined in the function. Thnx for the idea! – Pim May 21 '15 at 12:00

You can use func_num_args & func_get_args to create the behavior you want

function funcWithArbitraryNumParams(){
  $args = array();
   $args = func_get_args();

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T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM :) – rationalboss Nov 3 '12 at 10:37

You can get the default value, but it's rather ugly...

$function = new ReflectionFunction('your_function_name');

foreach ($function->getParameters() as $param) {
    echo 'Name: ' . $param->getName() . PHP_EOL;
    if ($param->isOptional()) {
        echo 'Default value: ' . $param->getDefaultValue() . PHP_EOL;
    echo PHP_EOL;


You could check if the arguments are NULL, and if so, replace them with the default value.

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