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I'm displaying a list of items which have a priceattribute in an HTML table.

What is the right way of getting the total price add the end of the table (and where should the calculation happen)?

I can think of 3 obvious ways, but I don't know which one is the most "orthodoxic"

1- in the controller

@items = Item.all
@item_total = @items.sum(:price)

and I simply display @item_totalin my last line

2- in the view, on the last line

<%= @items.sum(:price) %>

But I'm not sure that it's OK to do this in a view (it works, but is it OK?)

3- in the view, add this on the last line

<%= @items.inject(0){|s, e| s + e.price} %>

But this doesn't feel right to add this kind of logic in the view.

So which one of these is the right one? Or is there another way I'm missing?

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try this way

# In your controller write
@item_total = Item.sum(:price)

and @item_total use in your view file


If you use this like index action then you can do this way

@items = Item.all
@item_total = @items.sum(:price)

but if you want to only item_total then don't pass two queries for sum you can do like

@item_total = Item.sum(:price)
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You should use first option, as view should contain least code. Hence use your code in controller only.

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@items = Item.all
# this is Array#sum, calculation is done in Ruby. usually slow


# this is Relation#sum -> does a calculation at DB. usually faster
Item.scoped.sum(:price) # OR Item.sum(:price)
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It is always desirable to reduce the number of queries that are required to fetch the data from the DB.... You have two options to fetch your data...

@items = Item.all @item_total = @items.sum(:price)

This would not run as there should be &:price instead of :price...more over if this style of code is now being discouraged due to the non support for the ARel...

Therefore, according to me the code that you should use

@items = Item.scoped @item_total = @items.pluck(:price).sum(:price)

The benefit is that the @item is an ARel object and can be used in the further calculations...

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You can try this code:

Sum Dolars: <%= @customer_reports.sum(&:mount) %>
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Please fix your post with good SO code (missing a blank space) – Thomas Ruiz Aug 6 '13 at 22:15

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