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i have develop a silverlight application with wcf net.tcp binding. i want create an object of service in sliverlight. how it is possible. please help me.


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No, as far as I know, up to and including Silverlight 3, it supports only the basicHttpBinding (and possibly the webHttpBinding as well?). NetTCP is not supported, sorry.

Here's a blog post by Yavor Georgiev (Program Manager, Silverlight Web Services Team) where he explains what's new in web services with Silverlight 3 - unfortunately, no mention of netTCP :-(


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Version Update,

Silverlight 4 now has the net.tcp binding

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Silverlight 4 supports tcp binding. Some extended info: http://tomasz.janczuk.org/2009/11/wcf-nettcp-protocol-in-silverlight-4.html

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