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I think everyone would agree that the MATLAB language is not pretty, or particularly consistent. But nevermind! We still have to use it to get things done.

What are your favourite tricks for making things easier? Let's have one per answer so people can vote them up if they agree. Also, try to illustrate your answer with an example.


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Here's what I use frequently:

% useful abbreviations

flat=@(x) x(:);

% print basic statistics
stats=@(x) sprintf('mean +/- s.d. \t= %f +/- %f\nmin, max \t\t= %f, %f\nmedian, mode \t= %f, %f', ...
    mean(flat(x)), std(flat(x)), min(flat(x)), max(flat(x)), median(flat(x)), mode(flat(x)) );

nrows=@(x) size(x,1);
ncols=@(x) size(x,2);
nslices=@(x) size(x,3);

% this is just like ndims except it returns 0 for an empty matrix and
% ignores dimensions of size 0.
ndim=@(x) length(find(size(x)));

These abbreviations are useful for finding the mean and standard deviation of pixel values in a small area of an image. I would use the following logic:

phantomData = phantom();

stats( phantomData(50:80, 50:80) )

What if I wanted to put the size of an image in its title?

imagesc( phantomData );

title( sprintf('The image size is %d by %d by %d.', nrows(phantomData), ncols(phantomData), nslices(phantomData)) )


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