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I have my app working successfully with localstorage and I have set up mongodb on my machine and can insert data etc. however when I try to save the data to mongodb nothing happens. I'm thinking its not conecting but not sure.

This is where I change from localstorage to mongodb

   bb.model.Items = Backbone.Collection.extend(_.extend({    
     model: bb.model.Item,
     // localStorage: new Store("items"),
    url: '/api/rest/todo', 

from what I can tell, this should be the only change in the backbone app. This code resides in C:\work\ToDo\site\public\js.

The html file resides in C:\work\ToDo\site\public

I have my server code here which I'm running from C:\work\ToDo\node\lib

Any thoughts?

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Have you set the idAttribute of your model correctly?

From the documentation,

A model's unique identifier is stored under the id attribute. If you're directly communicating with a backend (CouchDB, MongoDB) that uses a different unique key, you may set a Model's idAttribute to transparently map from that key to id.

var Meal = Backbone.Model.extend({
  idAttribute: "_id"

var cake = new Meal({ _id: 1, name: "Cake" });
alert("Cake id: " +;
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I have the following code on my server. I was hoping this would convert the id's util.fixid = function( doc ) { if( doc._id ) { = doc._id.toString() delete doc._id } else if( ) { doc._id = new mongodb.ObjectID( delete } return doc } –  Mark O Keeffe Nov 4 '12 at 20:23

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