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I need text-console interactive dialogs. I am porting a shell script to Python. Which Python tool would do pretty much exactly what the UNIX command dialog does? (i.e. ready-to-use yes/no, calendar, text, gauge, etc. controls which return results and are ncurses-like full-screen UIs)

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You should look at Urwid.

Urwid provides a higher-level toolkit on top of curses and includes an event loop to handle keyboard and mouse input. It either uses it's own select-based event loop, or can hook into gevent or Twisted.

In addition to handling keyboard input efficiently you'll also have a host of options to handle user input with edit boxes, list controls and more.

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Have a look at curses. It's low-level, but has the advantage of being a part of the standard library.

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These are dialog Python bindings:

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