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What I want to be able to do is allow users to record a video on the webpage, be able to keep it locally and preview it and only upload it if they are happy with it. The application is meant to record sign language videos so audio is irrelevant. Image data is sufficient.

I've gone through many previous posts and many different libraries including: JPEGCam, jquery webcam, flash-videoio and some proprietary ones which I'm not interested in. It seems to me like ALL the tools that allow the user to actually record a video and preview it locally are proprietary (I need open source).

JPEGCam doesn't provide access the the frame data. jquery webcam does allow access to the frame data but only allows access to a row of the frame at a time. This makes it very slow. I managed to capture frame data in a local JS array, to be uploaded if the user was happy with it but it only manages to capture 2 fps. I need at least 10 fps, but even upto 15-20. I'm currently looking at flash-videoio and it is much more professional and comprehensive that both jquery webcam and JPEGCam but again, only provides an option of recording straight to a media server and does not provide access to the frame data. Users will only want to upload videos once they are happy with them.

I'm arriving at the conclusion that maybe I need to start looking under the hood into the flash (which I really don't want to do: I don't know any flash). Any other ideas??

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