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I am trying to get 2 monitors setup.

I have Radeon HD 4800, using the open-source driver. 64bit. When i change the monitor settings in KDE it changes, but when i reboot: the monitors is going back to duplicated (screen settings have not been saved).

This is the settings i want: enter image description here

How can i make the system automaticly use these settings at boot?

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I solved it. Made a script in /etc/X11.

xrandr --output DVI-0 --auto --output DVI-1 --auto --right-of DVI-0

Added this script to Alt + F2: Autostart. Maybe not the best solution, but i works.

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At the first, run display in console and check what is writing on stdout/stderr. Next things is check xorg log. If all this idea don't work you may edit conf file manualy. Of course you may also try run display settings as root.

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What is the command for running it in the console? "bash: display: command not found" – medusa1414 Nov 3 '12 at 14:39
Check in process list name this program. Probably this program have name kde+ Sth. I think you may easy found this using TAB auto- completion syntax. – user902691 Nov 3 '12 at 15:09

KDE cannot do that. You can try to have KRandRTray run on startup, but not sure if it will help. KDE simply doesn't even try to restore those settings.

Your only other option is to learn how to configure these things in your xorg.conf. The settings are cryptic and difficult; I've no idea how this is done. Although I must say, if you're using Arch Linux, you are assumed to be a Linux guru who knows these things, otherwise you're going to have a difficult time with Arch.

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"...but not sure if it will help." "The settings are cryptic and difficult; I've no idea how this is done." Why did you even answer? – Swoogan Feb 26 at 5:26
@Swoogan To tell him that KDE, at least the version he was using when he asked the question, can not do what he said he wants it to do. After the answer, I mentioned some alternative ways to possibly achieve what he wants manually (since, as already mentioned KDE did not support this) and made sure to make it clear that I'm not familiar with the details due to their arcane nature. Any other questions? – Nikos C. Feb 26 at 8:38
But why do you think KDE cannot do what he wants? Maybe not "at boot", but certainly at login. All one has to do is click "Save as Default" pictured at the bottom left of the screenshot above. – Swoogan Mar 17 at 23:17
@Swoogan The question is from 2012. Back then, KDE did not come with the KScreen module, which is what restores the screen settings nowadays. When the question was asked, KDE was unable to restore and apply them, unless you manually edited startup files to have either xrandr or krandr apply them. KScreen got imported into KDE only recently (was previously still under development in "KDE extragear".) – Nikos C. Mar 18 at 1:27
Well now I'm genuinely curious. Did Arch Linux not have the same facility as Kubuntu, where the pictured dialog wrote the appropriate randr command to ~/.kde/share/config/startupconfig, then read it back and applied it at login? Or later to ~/.kde/share/config/krandrrc? I've been using KDE continuously since 2007 and have used this dialog successfully the whole time. That is until 2014 when it was replaced with KScreen, which ironically doesn't restore my settings (that's how I found this question). – Swoogan Mar 18 at 1:55

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