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I'd expect this to be fairly routine, but cannot find a simple approach for creating an managing EBS snapshots automatically.

Was hoping there'd be a shceduler in the AWS console.. alas not yet.

Would appreciate any suggestions as to how best to do this on from Ubuntu.


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You can easily script something to do this for you.

  1. setup the EC2 commandline API tools
  2. set EC2_CERT and EC2_PRIVATE_KEY in order to be able to use the API tools
  3. parse the results of ec2-describe-snapshots
  4. delete the appropriate snapshots

The results look something like:

SNAPSHOT    snap-xxxxxxxx	vol-xxxxxxxx	completed	2009-08-26T07:39:33+0000	100%

You can then do some parsing of the dates and sorting and start removing the older snapshots.

NOTE: I don't know if we can trust the sort order but I've never seen it sort any other way than oldest to newest.

To delete a snapshot, use ec2-delete-snapshot snap-xxxxxxxx.

The rest I leave to you as a simple Bash script that you can call daily or however often you need from cron.

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One can always use 'sort' to ensure the sort order like: "ec2-describe-snapshots | sort -k 5" –  Vikash Jul 30 '12 at 11:53

Take a look at AWS missing tools and especially to https://github.com/colinbjohnson/aws-missing-tools/tree/master/ec2-automate-backup This does what you need.

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nice bash script! –  Karussell Nov 7 '12 at 15:34

This script provides automatic snapshots of multiple EBS volumes and also deletes old snapshots after a specified period of time. It also allows for customization of PHPMailer to email yourself the results of the automatic snapshots. It is written in PHP, and will need to be run with CRON/Windows Scheduled Tasks to automatically take snapshots:


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Shameless plug, but - you can give Ebs2s3 a go: https://github.com/ajmfulcher/ebs2s3

Rails app to automate snapshot creation and prune old snapshots. Introduction and some screenshots here: http://ajmfulcher.blogspot.com/2011/04/ebs2s3-automated-backup-for-amazon-ebs.html

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A wonderful script to create an automatic snapshots.


Just copy the code and create a file, then add a cronjob whenever you want it to run.

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I found this, hope it helps:

ec2-describe-snapshots | sort -r -k 5 | sed 1,6d | awk '{print "Deleting snapshot: " $2}'; system("ec2-delete-snapshot " $2)' 

See: Bulk Delete EBS Snapshots From the Command Line (A Howto).

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