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I am having a problem with a plotting function in R. Here is what i got so far.

KeyItems <- c("Pretax Income", "Total Liabilities", "Total Assets")
datA <- mean_values[mean_values$Country %in% countries & mean_values$KeyItem %in% KeyItems, ]
datA$KeyItem <- factor(datA$KeyItem, levels = KeyItems, order = TRUE)
p <- xyplot(mn_value ~ Year | KeyItem, datA, groups = datA$Country[, drop = TRUE],
            auto.key = list(space = "right"), par.settings = simpleTheme(pch = 1:5),
            type = c("p", "l"), as.table = TRUE)

my dataframe looks like this:

    KeyItem         Year     Country                                      mn_value
172 Pretax Income   1980    SWITZERLAND                                 2.091623e+08
173 Pretax Income   1980    IRELAND                                     3.597619e+07
174 Pretax Income   1980    GERMANY                                     2.301015e+07
175 Pretax Income   1980    SWEDEN                                      4.980680e+07

It returns this error:

Error in dat$Year == Year : 'Year' is missing

I have hardly any experience in R. I just can't find a fix for my Problem. Thank you in advance.

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I think you need to spend some more time creating an example, because your example code simply doesn't run at all (well before you get to the plotting command). I would pay particular attention to what, exactly datA is. – joran Nov 3 '12 at 14:43
Reproducible example please! When I try your code, I get no error - perhaps you are omitting a line in your code (there's no mention of Year other than in your xyplot call, and the error message doesn't really match up with your code). Can you isolate which line of code produces the error? – Nov 3 '12 at 14:47
Is it dat or datA? – Ari B. Friedman Nov 3 '12 at 16:20
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As others have mentioned, you code is obviously incomplete, and it appears you are trying to construct mean values within categories in a manner that is incorrect. So here is a worked example leading up to an xyplot that in some (but not all) ways resembles your problem:

Values <- rpois(100*4*3, 200)
datA=data.frame(Values=Values, countries=countries, KeyItems=KeyItems)
datAaggr <- with( datA, aggregate(Values , list(KeyItems, countries) , FUN=mean)) 
# At this point you could rename the Group variables,
#    or you could have done that in the aggregate call with:
datAaggr <- with( datA, aggregate(Values , list(KeyItems=KeyItems, countries=countries) , FUN=mean)) 
# This then succeeds using the aggregated dataframe with the re-named mean values as input:

p <- xyplot(x ~ countries | KeyItems, data=datAaggr, 
             auto.key = list(space = "right"), par.settings = simpleTheme(pch = 1:5),
             type = c("p", "l"), as.table = TRUE)

It's going to need some further work with the labels but that can probably be deferred until you have learned how to do the data transformation using data.frames which is a learning task that precedes the plotting task. The Lattice plotting system is critically dependent on having the right data.frame input.

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