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I have recently launched http://www.listacker.com - social bookmarking! I have been getting reports that when a user submits a link using firefox it mostly redirects to random pages - mostly my error page and robots.txt. I too have tested this in firefox and did see the issue for myself but now cannot replicate it. I am wondering if its something obvious or if there are some kind firefox users out there that would test it for me aswell.

Once the proccessing is complete the only redirect code is here: (where BASE_URL is listacker.com)

$_SESSION['success'] = $result;
header("Location: ".rtrim(BASE_URL, '/').$session->referrer);

and upon session_start we store the following: (to return users to their current page)

/* Set referrer page */
    $this->referrer = $_SESSION['url'];
} else {
    $this->referrer = "/";
/* Set current url */
$this->url = $_SESSION['url'] = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];

Theres really not much too it but such a strange problem! Any ideas welcome

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