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I'm trying to install shogun library for SVM and I'm using the latest version of Cygwin on windows vista which has swig 2.0.8, usually the "./configure --interfaces=matlab_static" command goes smoothly, whenever I type "make" I get the error message Makefile:527: recipe for target `libshogun-12.0.dll' failed using Cygwin, and as a result I don't get the "sg.dll" that should be generated after the make command which I'll use to run matlab interface on shogun.

any suggestions or help are really appreciated thanks

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My guess is that the shogun developers aren't too bothered about supporting windows, so I would just suggest you try this on a linux (virtual) machine.

You should definitely send this question to the shogun mailing list, though, to get a definitive answer. Details on how to sign up for the list are on their contact page.

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