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I have 2 tables transfers and equipment where there could be multiple transfers for each piece of equipment. I'm looking to join these 2 tables with a project id and return the latest transfer for each piece of equipment for a specific project.

transfers table:
tid, pid, eid, date

equipment table:
eid, ename

In my function I'm sending the variable $pid to sort out just the equipment transfers for a specific project id that is stored with the equipment id in the transfers table.

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I think your requirements may still be a little unclear to me, but to return only the latest "Transfer" & "Equipment" rows for a specific PID, perform the following:

SELECT t.tid, t.pid, t.eid, e.ename, t.date
  FROM transfers t
  JOIN equipment e ON t.eid = e.eid
 WHERE t.pid = ?
   AND t.date = (SELECT MAX(t2.date) FROM transfers t2 WHERE t2.pid = ? )

Let me know if this does what you're hoping it will do. If not, give me a little bit more information on the rows that would be in each of the tables.

Hope this helps,


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Not perfect, but it made sense enough to change it to get it to work. Here is my final code SELECT t.tid, t.pid, t.eid, e.name, e.make, e.eqid, e.model, t.date FROM transfers t JOIN equipment e ON t.eid = e.eid WHERE t.pid = $pid AND t.date = (SELECT MAX(t2.date) FROM transfers t2 WHERE t2.eid = e.eid ) – hatchet145 Nov 3 '12 at 16:41
Glad it helped! – John Fowler Nov 3 '12 at 16:46

You want the groupwise maximum:

FROM   transfers NATURAL JOIN (
  SELECT   pid, eid, MAX(date) date
  FROM     transfers
  WHERE    pid = ?
  GROUP BY eid
) t JOIN equipment USING (eid)
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Thank you for the answer. I had a similar query before but it's still returning all equipment transfers for each project. For instance, I transferred T40 truck to project NHS3 and then to project PLB 3 days later. The query outputs the T40 truck for both projects. I may not have been clear initially that it needs to output the current equipment on that job only. – hatchet145 Nov 3 '12 at 16:10

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