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I just finished my JS code. Now I moved it into its own file, and now PHPStorm tells me that there is no variable called $. How do I fix this? (Can JSDoc solve it?)

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"Settings | JavaScript | Libraries" should help. If the error comes from JSLint/JSHint, then see the answer from @dreame4 – LazyOne Nov 3 '12 at 16:52
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Probably PHPStorm sees no declaration of a $ variable in your JS file. Check if you properly copied your code.

If $ is a global variable (jQuery of something like that) you can add such a line at the top of your JS file /*global $: false */.

JSDoc has nothing to do with that as far as I know. Other tool, which is built-in PHPStorm like JSHint or JSLint, checks correctness of JavaScript code.

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