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I ran into a small problem what i cant really solve.

I created a delete function for videos in fuel php with orm, and maybe its a but stupid but i cant really figure out how to redirext the user if and id doest not exsits.

here is my code

public function action_delete($id)

        $deletevideo = Model_Video::find($id);

        if($deletevideo->user_id != Session::get('sentry_user')):
            Session::set_flash('fail', 'The video you want to remove is not yours, we logged this activity');
            Response::redirect(Uri::base() . "myvideos");
            unlink(realpath("users/video/" . $deletevideo->video_preview));
            unlink(realpath("users/video/" . $deletevideo->video_file));
            Response::redirect(Uri::base() . "myvideos");


<a href="<?php echo Uri::base(); ?>video/delete/<?php echo $myvid->id; ?>" onclick = "if (! confirm('Are your sure you want to delete this video? <?php echo $myvid->video_title; ?>')) return false;" class="btn btn-danger">Delete</a>

I saw in a forum people talked about DB::expr to achive this but can find any example about it.

Could please someone give me a hint?

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I suppose you can check for $deletevideo right after it's initialized; if it's null (or just an empty array; whatever this find method returns), redirect it, if not, proceed with checking the user identity. –  raina77ow Nov 3 '12 at 15:38
now i feel stupid, i dont know why i didnt thought about that –  Side Nov 3 '12 at 16:18

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Here is some code that should get you going:

$video = Model_Video::find($id);

if ( ! $video instanceof Model_Video)
    Session::set_flash('fail', 'The video ID is not valid!');

You should always check if the result is in fact a valid Model_Video before using it.

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