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I have a select element that's going to be populated with it's option value dinamically. Those values will be fetched from a Sql sp(WebMethod in my C# code), called by jQuery.ajax once the page is ready, and the result of that SQL query is a DataSet.

I'd populate the select using something like $('<option>').val('DataSetValue1').text('DataSetValue1Text').appendTo('#selectID');

My question is, how would I transfer all the DataSet content to those jQuery variables. I'd serialize the DataSet into JSON, but what then? I'm not versed in server-client side interactions.

The DataSet is already done, but I'm not sure how to move forward. Hope you can light the way for me.


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WARNING BELOW IS PSEUDOCODE not real javascript code

  1. check jquery $.ajax method to see how will you interact with server/client
  2. send JSON to the client (something like out.print/out.write)
  3. do something like
for (var _opt in JSON) {
  //do the appending
  $('<option>' + JSON[_opt] + '</option>').appendTo('#selectID');

//I would never do appending in a loop. I would radther create options array and do single // //append!!!

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Dataset is collection of Datatable dataset(i) will give you the ith table

Table is nothing but a multi dimension matrix. So this will be your javascript

  1. Receive the dataset as object say dsObj .

  2. Get the nth datatable by dtObj = dsObj[n]; .

  3. Now u treat this as a mulyi dimensional object dtObj[i][j] .

hope this works

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