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How can I get the flex table (flex3) to align at the top in this Ui?

function doGet(e) {
  var app = UiApp.createApplication();
  var flex1 = app.createFlexTable().setBorderWidth(1);
  var flex2 = app.createFlexTable().setBorderWidth(1).setWidget(0, 0, app.createLabel('flex2'))
      .setWidget(1, 0, app.createTextArea().setHeight(400).setText('Text area in flex2'));
  var flex3 = app.createFlexTable().setBorderWidth(1).setWidget(0, 0, app.createLabel('flex3'));

  flex1.setWidget(0, 0, flex2).setWidget(0, 1, flex3);  
  return app;

Was expecting...

var flex1 = app.createFlexTable().setBorderWidth(1).setStyleAttribute('vertical-align', 'top');


var flex1 = app.createFlexTable().setBorderWidth(1).setColumnStyleAttribute(1, 'vertical-align', 'top');

to work.

Also, using a flow panel instead of a flex for the root didn't work as expected either. That stacked the 2 flex vertically and not left to right.

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Adding this line towards the bottom did the trick for me -

flex1.setStyleAttribute(0, 1, 'vertical-align', 'top');

Not sure why the global set style or set column style didn't work. However, setting it on a specific row/column seem to work. Let me know.

This might have to end up on the Issue Tracker, please check there and log an issue.

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Thx, think I was just doing it wrong. Trying to set styling on a column that didn't exist yet. Maybe you're just not suppose to be able to do until after you use setWidget / setText and specify a row & col to create. –  Bryan P Nov 3 '12 at 18:42

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