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I tried the following:

require "socket"

class IRC
def initialize(server, port=6667, user='ruby-bot')
    @server = server
    @port = port
    @user = user

def connect!
    @s = TCPSocket.open(@server, @port) #connect
    raise "Couldn't connect to #{@server}:#{@port}" unless @s #error handling
    @s.puts "USER #{@user} +B :IRC Ruby Bot" #set modes etc

def nick(nick=nil)
    @s.puts "NICK #{@nick}"

def join(channel)
    @s.puts "JOIN #{channel}"

And then:

require './irc.rb'

print 'Server: '
server = gets
print 'Port (6667): '
port = gets

if port.match(/^\n/)
port = '6667'

bot = IRC.new(server, port)
bot.nick 'fbot1830'
bot.join '#myowntestchannel'

And I get the following error:

./irc.rb:17:in `nick': private method `puts' called for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError) from ./bot.rb:14

It's my first attempt to write a custom class in ruby, please be patient, I hope my error isn't too trivial ;)

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@s is initialized in the connect! method, but that method is never called, therefore @s evaluates to nil in the nick method.

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haha thx, I'm an idiot ;) –  le_me Nov 3 '12 at 17:36

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