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I want to superimpose a line on top of a spectrogram (plotted using imagesc). I am unable to do this using the "hold on" command. I also want to show a y scale for the line that I am plotting over the spectrogram. (Note: Spectrogram already shows a yscale of frequency values on the left hand side of the plot, I want yscale for the new line to show up on the right hand side)

MATLAB's online documentation shows a way to plot to functions in a single figure with two y axes... but this doesnt seem to work with imagesc http://www.mathworks.com/help/matlab/ref/plotyy.html

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Just use hold on... here's an example:

% generate some figure;
hold on
x=1:0.1:70; % just some vector that fits the size of imagesc

enter image description here

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I have tried that but my new y and x vector doesn't have the same range as original plot (although the x vectors share some common range, new y vector is not of the same order as original y vector). That is why I want to generate a new y scale on the right hand side of the figure. Thanks for your help! –  Harshal Prakash Patankar Nov 4 '12 at 14:29
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