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I am a Windows 7 User who wants to convert multiple *.eps files to pdf-files. Therefore I installed a program called EPSPDF.rb. I integrated it into my systempath which makes me use it in the command prompt like this:

C:\TEMP>epspdf somefile.eps

The program converts somefile.eps to somefile.pdf. What I am trying to achieve now is writing a Windows Batch File which will look in the directory C:\TEMP for all *.eps files and convert them all.

I am still trying hard since I am quite unfamiliar with the programming language. I guess writing the few lines will be an easy issue for someone who is familiar with Batch Files in Windows. I will be very grateful for any help!

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for %%f in (*.eps) do epspfd %%f

This is for use in a batch file. You can run it right on the command prompt, only you need to use %f instead of %%f. Just because. ;)

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WOW!!! Thank You! This is exactly what I needed. Chapeau! –  user1677716 Nov 3 '12 at 17:48
for %F in (*.eps) do epspdf %F
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