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I am trying to find records by 'created_at' date - the database column type is 'datetime' and I am using the UI DatePicker from jQuery

my url look like this: "localhost:3000/users_supported?selected_date=2012-10-31"

So far i am doing good :) and my query in controller looks like this:

@support_histories = current_agent.support_histories.where(:created_at => Date.parse(params[:selected_date]))

How to properly extract records by 'date' only from the 'datetime' db column

I tried doing this in Rails Console, but no luck there:

sh = SupportHistory.where(:created_at => DateTime.parse('2012-10-31'))
sh = SupportHistory.where(:created_at => Date.parse('2012-10-31'))
sh = SupportHistory.where(:created_at => DateTime.strptime('2012-10-31', '%Y-%m-%d'))

I got records if i do like mentioned below, but that's not useful to me as i am trying to find record by 'date' not by 'DateTime'

sh = SupportHistory.where(:created_at => '2012-10-31 19:49:57')
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selected_date = Date.parse(params[:selected_date])
# This will look for records on the given date between 00:00:00 and 23:59:59
sh = SupportHistory.where(
       :created_at => selected_date.beginning_of_day..selected_date.end_of_day)

Time Zones may be a concern you need to look into, but this should work if all your times are in the same time zone.

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I have no words to thank you but i have to say I LOVE YOU ;) - i am New to coding and was trying to do this entire day :) I still would like to know - is there a way to query db excluding time ? – Syed Nov 4 '12 at 4:46
Section 2.2.2 of is similar to the answer I gave. You could probably do something creative like select("date(created_at) as ordered_date).where(:ordered_date => ____) but I like the beginning_of_day..end_of_day solution. – Jason Noble Nov 4 '12 at 15:40

I solved this problem by creating a method in model like below, Say, my model is ticket.rb

 def created_date

then I queried like this,

 selected_date = Date.parse(params[:date]){|t| t if t.created_date == selected_date}.compact

This gives me accurate results that matches with the chosen date by the user.

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