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can you specify on JBoss server logging level for single EJB Jar? I've got two EJB Jars with two different Web Services. I would like the WS logs from first jar to be printed completely to server log file whereas WS logs from second jar are irrevelant and i don't want them printed anywhere. Can it be configured on JBoss?

I'm using log4j logger.

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Are you referring to logging statements from the application code in each JAR, or logging calls from JBoss's plumbing? – skaffman Aug 24 '09 at 21:56
I am refering to logging call from JBoss's plumbing. – mgamer Aug 25 '09 at 15:33

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JBoss comes with a logging filter called TCLFilter that allows you to filter appenders by the deployment that generated them. See this page for how to use it.

Depennding on how you deploy your EJB JARs, this may or may not work. If they're all in one EAR, then I think you're out of luck, unless you can configure the TCLFilter to specify the individual EJB JAR within the EAR. If the EJB JARs are deployed on their own, then TCLFilter should be fairly easy to get working.

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