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I'm writing ANSI-compatible C code, and hence I can't use the line (//) comment. I'm using XCode. In Sublime Text and Eclipse, and I think most other IDEs, there are separate keyboard shortcuts for line comments and block comments (/**/). However, I don't see that in XCode - in fact, I don't even see a menu option to add a block comment. Is it simply not supported in XCode? That would certainly seem to be a lame decision if so.

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Are you any closer to a solution? Also, an identical question was asked over a year ago (and, sadly, not answered as well). –  courteous Dec 20 '12 at 11:43
And establishing a key-binding/shortcut would also benefit other languages, since block comments could, say, serve as a visual mark for old-but-not-yet-deleted code, while regular // comments would remain the "real" comments. Otherwise you can't tell (at a glance) what's what. –  courteous Dec 20 '12 at 11:51
hi! Did you found the shortcut? thanks –  Frade Feb 26 '14 at 10:28

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Try command + /. It works for me.

So, you just highlight the block of code you want to comment out and press those two keys.

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I don't think you read my question, or you would have seen that I explicitly said that I couldn't use the // comment, which is what command / produces. –  limp_chimp Nov 4 '13 at 0:58
What is the shortcut to uncomment the block? –  Nizam Jul 22 '14 at 3:46
@Nizam Just press Command + Shift + 7, i.e. Command + /, again. –  muenchdo Jul 22 '14 at 20:00
Although this doesn't answer the question, it helped me. Thanks! –  ana 01 Sep 2 '14 at 8:08

There is now an Xcode plugin that allows this: CComment.

The easiest way to install this is to use the amazing Alcatraz plugin manager for Xcode.

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Wondering why noone gave you +1. Worked for me! Thanks! –  BugsBunny May 28 '14 at 14:52
Thanks, @BugsBunny - my answer is much newer than the question, so I guess nobody saw it till now :) –  fzwo May 28 '14 at 15:38

You can download the code from the below link and build the project in xcode then it adds a plugin to the xcode to generate the comments in the code. shortcut is "///"


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You can assign this yourself very easily, here goes a step by step explaination.

1.) In you xCode .m file type the following, it does not matter where you type as long as it's an empty area.


2.)Highlight that two lines of code then drag and drop onto 'code snippet library panel' area (it's at the bottom part of Utilities panel). A light blue plus sign will show up if you do it right.

enter image description here

3.) After you let go of your mouse button, a new window will pop up and will ask you to add name, short cut etc; as shown. As you can see I added my shortcut to //. So every time I want a block comment I will type //. Hope this helps

enter image description here

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