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I want to create a sticky header bar for a website just like the sticky header on this website (http://www.fizzysoftware.com/) if any on can can help me out with coding or any resource that helps me to create the same. Your reply would be of great help to me.

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In your CSS, add

position: fixed;

to your header element. It's just that simple, really. And next time, try to use right click on something you see on website and choose "Inspect element". I think that every modern browser has it now. Very useful function.

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Something like this? It uses jQuery but that should be acceptable.


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if you're using Wordpress. You might find my plugin just what you've been searching for. I've created a sticky header bar for Wordpress. Do check it out - http://www.geckoandfly.com/fbar-social-wordpress-plugin/

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Next time I suggest google before posting here. I found this tutorial in 2 seconds.


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