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Thanks for read.

First, i'm sorry for my english. You will be upset....

I try to excute jar.

java.exe is wrapper system dll files. so it can use native library.

But javaw.exe is not wrapper system dll or path..

'java -jar somejar.jar' is correctly work.

But, 'javaw -jar somejar.jar' isn't work with dll library..

I must use javaw.exe.

Because java.exe is excuted on console windows.

I don't want to popup console windows.. I want to excute only my jar.

How use javaw.exe? or java.exe?

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I see that there is an option that you can set the system property with the javaw command. This way you can set the library path.

-Dproperty=value Set a system property value. If value is a string that contains spaces, you must enclose the string in double quotes: java -Dfoo="some string" SomeClass

You can see some details here also (Point-#4).

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thx for answer. But, it's not works in javaw.exe – tae jun Kim Nov 6 '12 at 11:46

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