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I'm having a really hard time trying to figure how I can do .SetupXXX() calls on the underlying Mock<T> that has been generated inside the MockingKernel. Anyone who can shed some light on how it is supposed to work?

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You need to call the GetMock<T> method on the MoqMockingKernel which will return the generated Mock<T> on which you can call your .SetupXXX()/VerifyXXX() methods.

Here is an example unit test which demonstrates the GetMock<T> usage:

public void Test()
    var mockingKernel = new MoqMockingKernel();
    var serviceMock = mockingKernel.GetMock<IService>();
    serviceMock.Setup(m => m.GetGreetings()).Returns("World");
    var sut = mockingKernel.Get<MyClass>();
    Assert.AreEqual("Hello World", sut.SayHello());    

Where the involved types are the following:

public interface IService { string GetGreetings(); }

public class MyClass
    private readonly IService service;

    public MyClass(IService service) { this.service = service; }

    public string SayHello()
        return string.Format("Hello {0}", service.GetGreetings());

Note that you can access the generated Moq.MockRepository (if you prefer it over the SetupXXX methods) with the MoqMockingKernel.MockRepository property.

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Thanks! I only focused on the MoqModule etc. - not the MoqMockingKernel. –  larsw Nov 3 '12 at 21:29

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