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the sI have a clientdataset boolean field named "Controled".

I want to filter not controled records.

In Delphi XE (VCL) I was using these code and it was working:

ClientDataSet1.Filter := 'Controled = 0';  
ClientDataSet1.Filtered := True;

In Delphi XE2 (FMX), this code do not work but I can filter controled records (Controled =1) and it work but I want the un-controled records.

Any Idea or it's a but in the new version?

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Can't you mix 0 and NULL? Just an idea, as symptoms are somewhat similar. – Serhii Kheilyk Nov 3 '12 at 21:15

A quick test in XE3 shows that the filter works fine if you actually use True and False (which is what you should have been doing all along).

ClientDataSet1.Filter := 'Controled = False';
ClientDataSet1.Filtered := True;

The test table I created contains an integer field called ID and a Boolean field called Controlled (same as yours, but spelled with 2 Ls).

Test button click code:

procedure TForm3.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
  ClientDataSet1.Filtered := False;
  if Edit1.Text <> '' then
    ClientDataSet1.Filter := Edit1.Text;
    ClientDataSet1.Filtered := True;
    ClientDataSet1.Filter := '';

No filter set (Filtered = False and Filter = ''):

No filter set

Filter = Controlled = False

Filter = False

Filter = Controlled = True

Filter = True

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Hum Maybe the problem is in the Data, you exemple work for me if I ask Controlled = True but not for Controlled = False. – Alain V Nov 3 '12 at 22:16
I don't know; I can't see your data. I posted images of it working both ways (True and False), and the code I used to set the filter. As you can see, it uses Edit1.Text, and I showed the content of the Edit1.Text in all the images. Do you have rows that have Controled set to False? You haven't explained what "doesn't work" means exactly - are you getting no rows, all rows, or what? – Ken White Nov 3 '12 at 22:47
I'm not getting no rows, Controlled =0 (or False) return all rows. I've drilled more deep, I've test with a new SQLite database and all work well, the problem is with the original MSSQL database. I've also tried to change the boolean field to an integer, so it retrieve Controlled =1 but not Controlled =0 (give all rows). Maybe there is a kind of data corruption or driver mis interpretation. The only think I know is when I work With the original VCL project which I updated to XE2 all work well. This problem appeared when I create anew project in XE3 (FMX). – Alain V Nov 3 '12 at 23:47
I'm not sure what more you want me to do here. I've answered the question you asked (about the filter). I can't analyze your data from here; the code I posted above was written in XE3, and the database stuff is cross-platform so it doesn't matter if it's VCL or FMX. So to repeat what you said: the only thing I know is that the code I posted works perfectly fine in Delphi XE3 with TClientDataSet. Now you're throwing SQL Server into the mix, when it's not part of your original question at all. If you have a separate new question about SQL Server, post a new question. :-) – Ken White Nov 3 '12 at 23:53
Thank Ken, no I do not ask for more now, I'm just add more inputs. What I said about previous version of the project (XE2 VCL project) is that it worked normally. The probled I faced appeared only when I created a new XE3 FMX project against the previous MSSQL Database. More, I created a new table within the same database (MSSQL) and all work perfectly. I assume now it must have some corupt data in the previous MSSQL table (the weird think is that table worked in the VCL version). I will not invertigate anymore as I have a work around. Thanks. – Alain V Nov 4 '12 at 0:21

As long as it is a Boolean field, what about "not Controled"? In case the Boolean fields are not properly evaluated by the filter string interpreter, if Controlled = true works, you should be fine with either not (Controled = true) or Controled <> true. Taking your example, that means instead of Controled = 1 simply write Controled <> 1.

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Maybe my explanation is not clear, I would mean: the "Controled" field is True when the record was mark as controled and false when not. I want to filter only records that the controled field is false. In others words, Controled can be True or False, and I want only "False" records. I tried also with a integer field and the result is the same. – Alain V Nov 3 '12 at 21:13
I updated the answer. – Uwe Raabe Nov 3 '12 at 23:27
I've found: In LiveBindings by default, when example the BufferCount property of a LinkGripToDataSource is set to -1, it retreive only 200 record (-1 mean 200 record !!!). To avoid this, set LinkGridToDatasource1.BufferCount to a number. you can also set LinkGridToDatasource1.AutoBufferCount to True, for automatically set the number for BufferCount. What I discover, now all work well for previous behavior about filtering Controlled = 0. – Alain V Nov 4 '12 at 6:52

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