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i have 400 text files, all text file has numeric values only.

folder1\car1.txt,car2.txt and upto car400.txt

folder2\car1.txt,car2.txt ....car400.txt

i want to compare all these files like folder1\car1.txt with folder2\car1.txt and folder1\400.txt with folder2\400.txt and if they are not matching i want the batch to write those file names to mismatch.txt

please help.

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@echo off
>mismatch.txt (
  for %%F in (folder1\*.txt) do >nul 2>&1 fc "%%F" "folder2\%%~nxF"||echo %%~nxF
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dbenham you are great..thank you so much it worked like wat i wanted.you are really great. – davidb Nov 4 '12 at 18:22

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