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I have trouble figuring out how to access bject method through array of pointers to objects.

I have an env object of Environment class:

Environment env;

My Environment has some object pointers as well as a dynamic array of pointers:

    static Robot *robot;
    static Obstacle *obstacle;
    static Object **objects;

So inside objects I can have robots and obstacles:

But now when I want to access a method of an object in the objects array, how can I do that? I tried

    Environment env;
    Robot *robot;

    robot = env.objects[0];

But it didn't work. I got an error:

error: invalid conversion from ‘Object*’ to ‘Robot*’

What am I doing wrong?

PS: Robot inherits from Object.

Thank you in advance!

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Does Robot inherit from Object? –  Joachim Pileborg Nov 3 '12 at 20:04

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Since Robot inherits from Object you have to use either static_cast or dynamic_cast to cast the pointer:

robot = static_cast<Robot*>(Environment::objects[0]);

As a side note, I also recommend you to use std::vector instead of the array, and a smart pointer like std::shared_ptr instead of the raw pointers.

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You need to cast the Object* to a Robot*. Assuming Robot inherits from Object. I advise you to use dynamic_cast:

Robot* robot = dynamic_cast<Robot*>(env.objects[0]);
if (robot != NULL) {
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You should cast your object from Object* to Robot*. However, you have to make sure it is a Robot object otherwise your application will crash.

Here is an example:

#include <iostream>
class Object

class Robot : public Object
  int speed;
  void setSpeed(int newSpeed){ speed = newSpeed; }

int main()
  Object* obj = new Robot();
  std::cout << "Speed is: " << ((Robot*)obj)->speed << std::endl;
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Ew - C casts...! –  Lightness Races in Orbit Nov 3 '12 at 20:28

You can't implicitly assign pointer of base class to pointer of derived class. If you need to do this, use dynamic_cast.

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objects is declared with type Object**, which means that objects[0] is of type Object*. You cannot assign an Object* to a Robot*. Assuming Robot is a class derived from Object and has at least one virtual member function, you can do

robot = dynamic_cast<Robot*>(object[0]);

This will perform the cast, or set robot to the null pointer value if object[0] happens to not be a Robot. If you know for certain that it is a Robot, you can use static_cast() instead.

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your object does not seem to be a Robot* or a pointer to a subclass of it.

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