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This is my first attempt at using Magento to develop a site. I have to admit the learning curve has been steep, but i have been able to navigate most of the challenges thus far. Here at the final hurdle, however, i have stumbled.


  • Magento
  • Apache version 2.2.22
  • PHP version 5.3.10
  • MySQL version 5.1.65-cll

Magento is located in a folder on the server named magento one directory down, as in http://www.mydomain.co.za/magento


No images are displayed in the front end or backend. It is as if it cannot access the stylesheets. When viewing the source, i can see that the paths are wrong. It searches for the stylesheets in http://www.mydomain.co.za/ and not in the magento folder. I can access the backend by typing in http://www.mydomain.co.za/magento/index.php/admin and that brings up the backend without any styling. After that however, every request results in 404. The URL looks like http://www.mydomain.co.za/magento/adminindex.php without a slash between admin and index. Introducing that slash manually after every 404 results in correct page being displayed (still without styling). So clearly the problem is here, but i can't seem to fix it. And YES, i do have the slash after the path in the database for both secure and unsecure.

Attempts to solve:

  • Changed the url’s in database link
  • Changed app/etc/local.xml to use correct database
  • Changed .htaccess to include this line: RewriteBase /magento/ (but i removed it again)
  • Deleted the appropriate cache and sessions folders
  • Tried some of the suggestion given here link

Now, i am stuck. I have worked my way through error upon error (no fault of Magento, just the learning curve) and i am tired… :-( If someone can please give me some advice as to what to try next, it would be greatly appreciated.

I found these links of the (seemingly) similar problem. Clearly there is something happening here. The other thread never solved the issued, just found a work around. Is it possible that we have run into a bug? Something is stripping that slash out and it isn’t any of the usual suspects… dum dum dum

link link

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What url do you have in Admin -> Config -> General -> Web -> Unsecure -> Base url ? –  R.S Nov 3 '12 at 21:34
http:// www. mydomain.co.za/magento/ -- obviously this not actually my domain :-P –  wmdvanzyl Nov 4 '12 at 5:58
I got a work-around to this problem, but was unable to solve it. I kept the database and did a fresh install of magento on the live server. This somehow resolved the issue. There seems to be a problem with moving magento up or down the directory tree. This might just be in cases where the move coincides with a move from one environment to another. This problem persistes even though the correct paths are supplied. Clearly it is "hard-coded" somewhere from the installation settings and then not re-read from the database. –  wmdvanzyl Nov 11 '12 at 18:55

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