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here is the fragment dialog:

public static class SensorMeasurmentsDialogFragment extends DialogFragment {

    public static SensorMeasurmentsDialogFragment newInstance(int title) {

        SensorMeasurmentsDialogFragment frag = new SensorMeasurmentsDialogFragment();
        Bundle args = new Bundle();
        args.putInt("title", title);
        return frag;

        @Override public Dialog onCreateDialog(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

the call to it is done from a regular activity not from a fragmentActivity because my activity already extends mapActivity.


any idea why is it Null?

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The activity must extend from FragmentActivity for you to be able to use Fragments. You might have to use a workaround at the moment until Google updates their map library.

You might have to use a modified compatibility lib such as this one:

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In one of my fragments, I was using replace so when I used add it worked good! might help you

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I ran into this problem also. The problem happens with setRetainInstance(true) only. My workaround is to use the parent activity's FragmentManager object instead of the DialogFragment's FragmentManager.

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