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I have lots of anchor tags that each contain a thumbnail image:

<a href="..." class="movie_poster_item" id="movie_poster_item_6">
    <img src="..." height="267">

I want to overlay this semi-transparent image (poster-info-overlay.png) on top of the thumbnail (inside the anchor tag):

enter image description here

But I'm not sure which method to use; append(), before() or after(). Can somebody please advise on the correct method? I obviously need to set the z-index somehow too, depending on which method I'm using.

This is my jQuery code so far:

$('a.movie_poster_item').mouseenter(function() {
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$(this).append('<img src="poster-info-overlay.png">'); will place it after the image that is already there, and if you set the position right, it will be on top of the existing image. – adeneo Nov 3 '12 at 21:46

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Personally I'd just have:

<a href="..." class="movie_poster_item" id="movie_poster_item_6">
    <div class="overlay"></div>
    <img src="..." height="267">

Then for the js:

$('.movie_poster_item').hover(function() {
function() {

just make sure the z-index for the overlay is higher than the img, eg:

.movie_poster_item .overlay { position: absolute; z-index: 2; }
.movie_poster_item img { position: relative/absolute; z-index: 1; }
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The JS is really kind of pointless with this example. Ditch it and use CSS. Ex: a .overlay { display: none; } a:hover .overlay {display: block; } You also won't need to adjust the position or z-index of the image. – Joshua Hamilton Nov 4 '12 at 2:21

You can make your semi-transparent image as the background of the a tag like this:

$(this).css('background','url(poster-info-overlay.png) 0px 0px no-repeat');
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