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I'm writing a PM (private messages) system in PHP for one of my projects, and I'm stuck with a single MySQL query that uses (or should be using) Count. The query would take place in a function, which is supposed to return the value of unread messages for $id user.

My table layout looks like this:


And I wrote a query like that:

$count = mysql_query("
    SELECT Count(from_user) 
    FROM messages 
    WHERE to_user='$id' 
    AND is_read=0 
    GROUP BY to_user

I'm not really familiar with this Count/Group By stuff, so I'm not sure about what I did wrong. I did a few Google searches, but didn't find anything which could be useful for me.

If you could help me about this little problem, that would be awesome.

Thanks! :)

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What do you get and what do you expect to get? –  Quassnoi Nov 3 '12 at 21:58

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Remove the GROUP BY clause:

FROM    messages
WHERE   to_user = '$id'
        AND is_read = 0
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Thank you, this actually works! :) –  edgeofmystery Nov 3 '12 at 22:05

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