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gremlin> g
==> neo4jgraph[EmbeddedGraphDatabase [/Users/0x90/Downloads/dbpedia4neo]]
gremlin> g.v(123214).map()
==> value=U
gremlin> g.v(123214).map()
==> value=U
gremlin> v = g.idx(T.v)[[uri:'']].next() 
==> No such property: T for class: groovysh_evaluate

while do I get No such property: T for class: groovysh_evaluate while following

gremlin> v = g.idx(T.v)[[uri:'']].next()
==>name=graph theory
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The syntax in the blog post was for an older version of Gremlin[1].

You may use something like:


Here is the document for the new syntax

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To extend VolkanT's correct answer. Gremlin has been around for over 3 years now and versions have changed. Be aware of the version number in examples. The blog post you mention is using Gremlin 1.x. The version of Gremlin you are using is 2.x. Good luck. – Marko A. Rodriguez Nov 4 '12 at 0:11

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