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From the following tables:

  • store(store_id, ...) {1 ..., 2 ...} two stores
  • film(film_id, ...)
  • inventory(inventory_id, film_id, store_id)
  • rental(rental_id, rental_date, inventory_id, return_date, ...)
  • category(category_id, name)
  • film_category(film_id, category_id)
  • film(film_id, rental_duration, rental_rate, ...)
  • customer(customer_id, store_id, ...)

Can I have a query resutls on a table just like the follwoing?

CategoryName | "Store 1: avaliable items" | "Store 1: unavaliable items" | "Store 2: avaliable items" | "Store 2: unavaliable items"

Notice that the store fileds in the result table are inseperate columns not in the same columns !!

I am not looking for the result query, I am looking for how to make them side by side store 1, store 2.

Can case sql statement help here?

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get your data in the following form (may be you have to union multiple selects)

category item             count
-------- ---------        -----
cat 1    store1-avail     a1
cat 1    store1-unavail   b1
cat 1    store2-avail     c1
cat 1    store2-unavail   d1
cat 2    store1-avail     a2
cat 2    store1-unavail   b2

and then use the pivot function to tranform it to your desired layout

category  store1-avail store1-unavail store2-avail ...
--------- ------------ -------------- ------------
cat 1     a1           b1             c1
cat 2     a2           b2             c2
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