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In my ruby class I have to make a user defined class with many variables. SO far I've created a class relating to guitars and Ive looked over the code myself for a while and can't figure out why I am getting errors on line 52/when I try to print out the examples to test the class

# Guitar
# Source code in /classes/person.rb

# Guitar class with instance variables @name, @brand, @type @strings and
# method take_strings.

class Guitar

  # initialize method is called when user invokes
  def initialize(the_name, the_brand, the_type, the_strings)
    @name = the_name
    @brand = the_brand
    @type = the_type
    @strings = the_strings

  # Define getters.
  def name
    return @name

  def brand
    return @brand

  def type
    return @type

  def strings
    return @strings
  def strings=(value)
    @strings = value

  def to_s
    return "#{name}; #{brand}; #{type}; #{strings}."


guitars = [ ]

guitars <<"Stratocaster", "Fender", "Solid Body", 6)
guitars <<"Les Paul", "Gibson", "Solid Body", 6)
guitars <<"White Falcon", "Gretsch", "Semi-Hollow, 6)

# Print all guitars
guitars.each do |g|
  print g, "\n"
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Closing quotes missing on Semi-Hollow "White Falcon", "Gretsch", "Semi-Hollow, 6) – Michael Berkowski Nov 3 '12 at 22:08
Hopefully you use a code editor that supports syntax highlighting. As you can see above, the syntax highlighter is all messed up following that line and the colors are an immediate clue. – Michael Berkowski Nov 3 '12 at 22:12
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There are several things going on here:

  • On line 26, you do not have an end for your def type method
  • On line 32, you have a period in the source file; that's not going to parse, and will cause issues.
  • On line 49, you've omitted a closing quote after Semi-Hollow
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