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I have an application that implements a web browser using webkit. It works great in 10.7, but in 10.8 cookies that enable login to web sites work for the first website logged into, but not thereafter, unless I restart the application. Allocating and using a second webview fails. This appears to be some kind of cache-related problem, but I can find nothing in the 10.8 release notes that addresses this. I know that Safari works on 10.8, so this must be solvable. Has anybody else experienced this? Any ideas? Thank you!

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SOLVED! I had custom WebPreferences for the webView, and was turning private browsing on. This worked fine pre-10.8, but in 10.8 it caused the problem I described. Simply not turning it on solved the problem. –  jplw Nov 11 '12 at 0:22

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