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I am using Google Go on Google App Engine. I am saving a string description in a structure into a datastore, like so:

type Foo struct{
    Bar string

That description includes html tags, for example:

<a href="/">Bar</a>

I want the html template to include that description in an html file so it would be parsed as html. For example:


to be parsed as:

<body><a href="/">Bar</a></body></html>

but instead, I get something like this:

<body>&lt;a href=&#34;/&#34;&gt;Bar&#39;s&lt;/a&gt;</body></html>

How can I make the template parse the string correctly into an html link?

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The "http/template" package automatically escapes all strings. To get around this you must make the value of type template.HTML. E.g.

import "html/template"

type Foo struct {
    Bar template.HTML

And then in your code do something like:

Foo.Bar = template.HTML(barString)
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For the second part - Foo["Bar"] of Foo.Bar? –  ThePiachu Nov 3 '12 at 22:37
@ThePiachu Yes it should be Foo.Bar –  Kyle Finley Nov 3 '12 at 22:47

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