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I need to track a button that redirects users to another site something like pinterest does. If someone clicks on an image it opens the image in bigger size, with a button that if u click on it it redirects to the original site, like pinterest.

As a way to resolve it I crated a sendmail function in order to send me an email every time a user clicks on a button. The code is this:

<div class="buy">
<a onclick="target='_blank'" href="<?php echo $this->pin['from'];?>">

$message = "Item buy: ";
$link = $this->pin['from'];
mail('', '@Buy', $message.$link);
<img src="" alt="buy"   />                            

The problem is that it sends an email every time someone clicks on the image and I need to only track every time someone clicks on the button "buy.jpg"

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PHP is executed at the server, so that send-mail is going to send you an email every time someone loads that page and not when someone clicks on your button.

You should link a PHP page with an AJAX request, which fires every time that image is clicked if you want that email only then.

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