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I am trying to create a WCF client to connect to my server using MonoTouch. Since Monotouch doesn't support dynamic code generation I tired using slscvutil.exe to generate the client code. The output I get from that does not compile. It tries to use ChannelBase as a generic class ChannelBase<T>, but it is not generic. Additionally all examples I can find use ChannelBase as a generic class. Does anyone have a sample of a MonoTouch WCF client in .net 4.0? Thanks!

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I've not got a sample for you - both the WCF client apps I've built are closed source - but I've successfully followed the steps on to build 2 apps, including using the SLsvcutil tool -

Further, ChannelBase<T> is clearly Generic in SL4 -

Is there a sample you can post which shows the error? e.g. a client and service which replicate the error you are seeing.

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