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I have a document (DataSet) with many embedded documents (DataPoint) (1:N relation). Since this appears as an array to me in rails, if I want to read every 20th element for example, will it load every element into memory, or only every 20th element?

I am trying to figure out if this will be inefficient. I would like ideally only to load what I need from the DB.

Here is an example:

a = DataSet.first
points = a.data_points.values_at(*(0..a.data_points.count).step(20))

Is this bad? Is there a mongoid specific way to do this?

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Embedded documents aren't relations (in the typical RDBMS fashion) but are actually embedded (hence the name) within the parent record, just like any other attribute. So when you call DataSet.first, you're loading the entire document, as well as its embedded records, into memory.

Depending on how your application is structured, you may see a benefit from denormalizing every 20th DataPoint into a separate embedded relation (during a callback, or in a background task, or something like that), and then when you load the document, load only those points with DataSet.only(:datapoints_sample).first - which will load only that relation into memory (and no other attributes).

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