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I've recently copied my visual studio 2010 website project from my windows 7 PC to a new PC running windows 8. That all went relatively smoothly. When I now publish or package the cloud project it only packages files that were originally on the windows 7 PC. Any files that I have created on the windows 8 PC are ignored. The solution builds fine and I can run and debug the project fine. Any ideas?

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Not sure why that would be, but here's something to try: In Visual Studio Solution Explorer, right-click the solution and choose Clean Solution. Then try to package/publish again.

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I've tried that already. No dice. – Sean Nov 3 '12 at 23:56

When you say files do you mean images/JavaScript?

What is the setting of the "Copy to Output Directory" ? for the files/content that is not making it...make sure it is NOT set to "Do not copy"

Are you using the new v1.8 of the SDK? (did you upgrade your project?)...this can happen if you are using an old SDK from a previous computer and then try to build stuff using a "fresh installation".

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The issue was that somewhere along the way the cloud project got disassociated with the web project so wasn't actually updating the file list for publishing - it was just using the file list that had already been generated on my old PC.

The fix was to scrap the cloud project and start over with a new one, then add a new web role to it and then convert that web role into a web application project and then move my whole existing website into that...

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