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I have a function that is being run in a php file when a button is clicked on the users profile page. Once the function is complete I want the user to be redirected back to their profile page. Normally I know how to redirect but this requires including the user id to go to their specific profile. I have made the following piece of code and am attaching err=1 at the end of it in hope to try and get a message displayed in their profile.

Hope this makes sense.

    header('Location: http://localhost/ptb1/profile.php?id=echo $_SESSION['user_id']err=1');
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You would need to use a double quoted string rather than a single quoted one. Vars are never interpolated in double quoted strings. Further, you would need to enclose in {} as {$_SESSION['user_id']} –  Michael Berkowski Nov 4 '12 at 0:11

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Read about string concatenation:

header('Location: http://localhost/ptb1/profile.php?id=' . $_SESSION['user_id'] . '&err=1');

You also need to call session_start() before you try and use $_SESSION variables.

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