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I have a program that has several QDialogs. Most are a fixed size, but one is a resizable editor. The editor dialog gets its geometry restored from a QByteArray.

The problem I'm having is the Editor is not being centered correctly. (only the window's x/y dimensions) The Editor usually appears in the upper left corner when it is instantiated.

The Editor class gets instantiated like this in MainWindow:

Editor e(this);

For some reason, restoring the window geometry breaks the Editor's automatic centering relative to its parent. Before I implemented the SaveGeometry and RestoreGeomentry code today, the editor worked fine.

Here's the SaveGeometry code in Editor.cpp: (it gets executed right before the current Editor object is destroyed)

// Remember current window size
QByteArray geo=saveGeometry();
SettingsManager s;

Here's the restore code in Editor.cpp: (this is part of a function that sets up the UI, assigns a layout, etc.)


Does anyone know what the problem is?

Edit: Actually, it does remember where it was last time, it just won't center.

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The "geometry" of a window includes its position (relative) to the parent and its size. If you restore saved geometry then it is going to reappear at whatever position it was saved with. – Arnold Spence Nov 4 '12 at 3:56
To me, the x/y size in the saved geometry is more important than the window position. Is there a way to override the saved position while preserving size? Alternatively how could I calculate the correct centered position based on the current coordinates/size of the MainWindow? – Will Kraft Nov 4 '12 at 4:21

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Actually, I think I've solved this.

Instead of storing the entire window geometry, I tried storing just the size as a QSize. The size is then reapplied through QDialog::Resize() when the Editor is initialized. The window remembers its previous size and remains centered to parent like it is supposed to.

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